About Us
We were founded by Leigh Goehring, a name long associated with Natural Resource investing, and his long-time partner Adam Rozencwajg
Our Story


  • December 1991: Leigh Goehring starts managing Prudential Jennison Natural Resources Fund
  • March 2005: Prudential Jennison Natural Resources Fund AUM reaches $3 bn
  • May 2005: Leigh Goehring join Chilton Investment Company
  • August 2005: Chilton launches the Global Natural Resources Fund, managed by Leigh Goehring
  • November 2007: Adam Rozencwajg joins Chilton as investment professional in the Global Natural Resources Fund
  • December 2007: Chilton Global Natural Resources Fund AUM reaches $5 bn
  • December 2015: Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates LLC is established
  • January 2016: Launch of the Goehring & Rozencwajg Global Natural Resources Strategy
investment philosophy

Our Process


A fundamental research firm focused exclusively on contrarian natural resource investments with a team with over 49 years of combined resource experience.

Research Focus

If there is one thing that defines our firm, it is the desire to produce top-quality differentiated research looking at the commodity level as well as the specific security level.

Contrarian Value Investors

We believe the best way to find value in global commodity and natural resource markets is when prices are depressed, investors are discouraged, and financial measurements are cheap.

Best Ideas

We believe that portfolios of 50 - 70 positions offer investors access to our best ideas while mitigating idiosyncratic risks and providing diversification. We are long term investors; target range for portfolio turnover is 20 - 25% per year.

Follow Our Work
We publish a Quarterly Commentary that is read by over 10,000 professionals. We regularly publish blog posts and appear on many podcasts and television interviews.
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