The Gas Crisis is Coming to America
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May 19, 2022

Leigh R. Goehring & Adam A. Rozencwajg

Outside of North America, there is a full blown natural gas crisis. Prices are $30 – $50 per mmcf, causing factories to shut down.

In the United States, natural gas has rallied sharply but is still only $8.00 – 73% below the international price.

What if that gap closed in a matter of days?

Our newest commentary, The Gas Crisis is Coming to America, looks at why there is such a dislocation between US and international prices and why we think it cannot last.

Download our Q1 2022 commentary for insight into:

  • Why US natural gas could be the best preforming sector in the market
  • How we used magazine covers to predict the current inflation
  • Why this bull market has just started

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