On LNG, AI & Shale Supply: We Expect The Turn in US Gas is Here
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On LNG, AI & Shale Supply: We Expect The Turn in US Gas is Here

Remembering 1970 and 2000

That Took Awhile: Somebody finally recognizes the Dangers of the IEA

What can GAAP Accounting Teach us About Energy Transition?

2024Q1 Natural Resources Market

Gold's Pitched Battle

Oil Shale's Have Peaked

The Uranium Roadmap: More Upside to Come

Agricultural's Risk is to the Upside

May 31, 2024

Leigh R. Goehring & Adam A. Rozencwajg

The Turn in North American Natural Gas Has Taken Longer Than Expected. Is now the time?

US natural gas traded at over 50x its oil-equivalent in the first quarter -- a level last seen in 2012. However, today's gas market bears no resemblance to that of 12 years ago.

In our new letter, we discuss how new LNG demand, growing data center electricity usage and falling shale supply could usher in a new period of high US natural gas prices.

Investors should take note:
Natural gas is one of the most unloved commodities we've ever seen. However, demand is surging and supply is now faltering. Could gas go from unloved to must-own?

Our newest commentary, On LNG, AI & Shale Supply: We Expect The Turn in US Gas is Here, looks at how natural gas could be nearing an inflection that takes prices much higher.
Download our Q1 2024 commentary for insight into:

-Why today's oil market feels similar to the bullish set up in 1970 and 2003.

-What GAAP accounting can teach us about the energy transition.

-Why we believe the uranium bull market has further to go.

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