The IEA Ushers in the Coming Oil Crisis
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August 5, 2021

Leigh R. Goehring & Adam A. Rozencwajg

The fundamental problems facing global oil markets are much more severe than 2021’s spike in oil prices would suggest.

Our newest commentary, The IEA Ushers in the Coming Oil Crisis, provides an in-depth look at why global oil demand will not taper off due to ESG-related reasons, as the IEA predicts, and supply growth will likely remain restricted — a recipe for a dramatic oil deficit.

Download our Q2 2021 commentary for insight into:

  • Problems facing the oil supermajors: Exxon, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and Total
  • Shrinking global oil inventories
  • Tightness in the US natural gas markets
  • Higher-than-expected Chinese agricultural demand

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