Golden Foresight: When Speculation Meets History
table of contents

- Golden Foresight: When Speculation Meets History
- The Upcoming Gold Bull market—how high will gold prices go?
- Natural Resource Market Commentary: 2nd Q 2023
- The Uranium Bull: Defying Trends and Redefining Energy Markets
- The Coming Surge: Oil's Bullish Horizon Amid Investor Apathy
- Natural Gas Markets on the Verge
- Copper Inventory Not Signaling Recession

August 16, 2023

Leigh R. Goehring & Adam A. Rozencwajg

When we look back on the 2020s, what will have worked? Volatility, pandemics, and even war have beset the opening years of the decade.

How can investors protect themselves going forward? More and more, we believe the answer is an allocation to gold. Precious metals have done very well during each of the prior commodity bull markets of the past 150 years. We believe this time will be no different.
Our newest commentary, Golden Foresight, looks at how gold might protect investors’ wealth as we progress through the coming years.

Download our Q2 2023 commentary for insight into:

  • How the Permian is following our projections laid out last letter
  • Why we believe the natural gas weakness will turn
  • When uranium might start a meteoric rise

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