The Energy Crisis is Here
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November 10, 2021

Leigh R. Goehring & Adam A. Rozencwajg

Twelve months ago we wrote that we were “On The Verge of An Energy Crisis." Today, that same crisis has caught nearly every investor off guard. Energy went from the cheapest in history to the most expensive in history in a year.

What do we think the next 12 months have in store?

Our newest commentary, The Energy Crisis is Here, revisits how we got here, how tightness in one market is quickly spilling into others, and how long the current situation will likely last. 

Download our Q3 2021 commentary for insight into:

  • The current unfolding energy crisis
  • Ongoing problems facing the oil supermajors: Exxon, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and Total
  • Why gas was the first market to panic
  • How demand will exceed pumping capacity within 12 months – for the first time ever.

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